Sunday, August 16, 2009

Endless Summer Nights

What better way to close out the summer season then by enjoying pool before it's closed again. It's still so hot that we have to wait until the sun is setting.

The walk to the pool is great exercise and it sure does help to wear out those monkeys!

Ashlyn and Kaelyn getting ready to "hot dog roll" into the pool.

Hang on Ashlyn! LOL!

Catch in the pool becomes a little more competitive then necessary.
Aoife has discovered that she is not able to breathe underwater. What a shocker!
After an entire summer of working on tummy floating, Kaedence finally allows Ashlyn to help her swim around. Go Kaedence!
But she prefers to chill with Tutter in the shallow end.
Kaelyn has perfected back and front flips without holding her nose.
Abbi still refuses to jump in. Even into Daddy's arms. Ahhhh...maybe next season.
Check out this awesome diver!
Kaedence and Kaeleb dismantle the pool furniture.
Is this water yoga?
Aoife takes a trip to the deep end via an Ashlyn boat.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Lord's Prayer

For the first week of Kindergarten, Abbi needed to memorize the Lord's prayer. This was a tremendous struggle. We worked on it, and worked on it, and worked on it. But, she just didn't quite get the hang of it.

This was our last attempt before bed last night. There is some improvement, right?

Today is her test. I am not feeling confident that she'll pass! LOL! I wonder if perhaps extra points are awarded for being so darn cute?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Visit from Vegas

Grandmom and Grandpop McCarthy came to Georgia to see all of their grand kids. We went to the beach, watched movies, and splashed at the pool. What a wonderful end to our summer.
It's the whole McCarthy Clan. (Well...minus the photographer, of course!)
Aoife wants Grandmom to fetch that ring at the bottom of the pool!
Grandmom and the other redhead!
Awww, look at lovey grandmom and all her snuggly girls.
Now that's a full couch! I think Jo is asking Grandpop to scoot on over. Surely there is room for a fat dog too, LOL!
Grandmom and Grandpop are on their way back home now. It was a great visit and they are very missed.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back in Session

The first day of school is upon us again. Let the craziness and Monster drink consumption begin!

Five o'clock wake up.
Mad dash around the house for uniform pieces.
Four girls pushing and shoving around the one mirror in my bathroom. Preschooler with faces plastered against the window searchin' for signs of the school bus.
Busy, busy, busy!!!

Kaeleb walked right up to that school bus without any concerns! He was so very ready for school.
The girls are so excited to get on the bus that they are literally competing for space on the steps! What a difference from the beginning of last year, right?
The older three are attending a private Christian academy. I love the uniforms! After a year of homeschooling, Ashlyn and Kaelyn were so excited to be back at an actual school!
Kaelyn and Abbi are patiently waiting for their classes to begin. Oh, my children are growing up so fast!
And the Killer Tomato is in Kindergarten!!!! Where does the time go?

Okay, someone pass me the tissue.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Talk About A Head Case

Yesterday was a hospital day for Kaeleb. All that testing and drama, and we found out really nothing new. Very disappointing.
He is brain injured. Uh, yep.
I like the new neurologist. He speaks my language and knows what I am looking to do, as a mom, for my kid. He understood my lack of desire for psych meds. He never placed a limit on my kid's potential. He was great! When I asked: "What do we do next?" the doctor answered "We do the next thing." So, what's that exactly? Sedated MRI with and without contrast and the genetics work-up. Then we get plugged in with the psychiatrist who will manage him and his meds. We stick with the speech, occupations, and physical therapies and he stays in the special needs preschool.
The good news? He is not mentally retarded. That diagnosis will be removed from his medical records. That is something I have been fighting since he was first tested. Anyone who deals with my kid knows that his concerns do not come from a lack of mental ability.
Here's that sleepy bug at 3 am. His test required a 24 hour sleep deprivation. What an undertaking that was!!!
A sleepy Kaeleb walking into the Children's hospital.
Kaeleb during testing. He screamed so much that he broke the capillaries in his cheeks!
Taking a break at the hospital cafeteria.
Waiting for the Neurologist.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Georgia Peaches at the Beach

Summer is almost over! Time to hit the beach with Grammy and Pop-pop!

Check out these Beach Buns!
Sand remains Kaeleb's enemy. Thank goodness it's Daddy to the rescue!

Kaeleb and Grammy are gonna chill on the towels, knockin' back some apple juice instead. Dirty feet is totally overrated.
Who wouldn't want to relax in the sun with this sweet monkey?
Boogie Boarding is such a blast. Abbi has the right idea.
Look at those girls go!
Kaelyn is ridin' the waves.
These monkeys are simply taking a ride. LOL!
A perfect wave for Ashlyn. Strong enough to bring her in, but not large enough to take her out!
Sure looks like a boogie board babe to me!

The skim boards were a huge hit. It took a little more practice though.

Aoife and Pop-pop take a beach stroll.
The whole surfin' crew.