Monday, June 22, 2009

Back to the Hotel

The sleeping accommodations were ghetto, but the Campgrounds at Fort Wilderness were very nice. Aunt Stacey, Uncle Chris, and Christopher slept in the cabins. We spent much of our time with them. Although the parks were fun, perhaps the best times of the weekend were back at the campgrounds.
We kicked it in the dry cabin, just chillin' as a family.
Those monkeys played tag in the puddles.
Nothing like a rousing game of hide and seek.
We wrestled with Uncle Chris.
We held meaningful conversations.
We ran to the pool to escape the heat.
Well, that is until the rain came...again...
Then, those of us with common sense intact, sought shelter.
While others braved the icky weather and sought out beer.
We laughed at Captain Morgan impressions.
Some of us caught cabin fever.
And others caught that magical feeling.
Not rain, nor heat, nor crying triplets could break our spirits!

The Happiest Place on Earth

While it was happy times for the most part, we certainly had our share of meltdowns and drama.
That darn "No Shirt, No Service" policy proved to be a quite the mood killer!

Look at the smiles on those faces. Just don't look at Kaeleb. One of these kids is doin' his own thing...
And that pesky security guard. Geesh! Rules, rules, rules...

Disney does not allow stollers or carts that are pulled from behind. Great... We moved through the parks with lightening speed!

Aunt Stacey is all done. LOL! (and, uh, Kaedence is naked again.) That look on her face clearly says: "Where's the alcohol?"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taking Disney by Storm

Look at our fresh faced crew. Notice the sunshine. A beautiful day of fun rides and amazing sights awaits us! That is...until we actually got into the park.

Not a big deal for our park-goers. The puddles merely added to the excitement.With the triplets in tow, we had to divide an conquer most of the time. At Magic Kingdom, Kevin and I stayed with the group for the first few hours. The trio rode Pirates and Small World. Then we toured the park to see all the sights. Kevin and I broke away from the herd and took the little kids back to the campgrounds so the older ones could do all the rides with Uncle Chris and Aunt Stacey.
The next day, we headed as a group to Animal Kingdom. The heat and crowds got the best of us all, so we made it an early day.
But the fearless crew did manage to get themselves soaked on the rapids before we left!
We also caught the "Bugs Life" show before we retreated back to the campgrounds. Abbi is cute as a bug, don't you think?On our final day, the older girls and I went solo to Animal Kingdom. We ate at the Rainforest Cafe. YUMMY!!! We rode the rides. Poor Kaelyn was the only one who actually saw the dinosaur on this ride. The rest of us chickens were practicing the old "Duck and Cover" drill! LOL!
We saw the sights.
We played in the dirt.
The older girls rode Mt. Everest while Abbi and I got ice cream. It was a good day.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Doin' Disney...Ghetto Style!

So my sister-in-law and I decided to bring both families down to Disneyworld to celebrate all of the summer birthdays in one fantastic event. The plan was fabulous.
The problem? I have six children.
Add two adults to six children and that (according to Disney) equals two bedrooms in one of their resorts. Ugh. That's double the money in a time when money is too short.

The solution? Camp Wilderness and our RV.
Anyone else cringe?

If you happen to be the outdoorsy type, perhaps this seems like a good idea. For me...well, I was less than enthusiastic. But, the kids were excited and I really wanted to see my brother and his family, so a camping we will go!

Here's our humble abode. Check out that kitchen! LOL! (and the "goofy" chef)
Being one with nature for several days didn't stop my princess from looking like a princess!
Even my punk princess was still able to manage her look.
Little Christopher felt the magic of Disney too!
We had campfire breakfasts in foil packs. Scrambled eggs and sausage!
And we dined in style.
We managed to cage all the monkeys.
Even the big ones!
Kaeleb surely doesn't seem to mind.
We slept in cramped quarters, but no one was worse for the wear.
Plus, we made S'mores!!!!
Uncle Chris and Christopher are perfecting their marshmallow toasting technique.
Kaelyn and Cousin Christopher are sure concentrating. Making s'mores is serious business!
Ashlyn and Daddy enjoyed campfire bananas. Nothing beats a roasted banana smothered in marshmallows and chocolate. (Except maybe a S'more...)
Check out these campers!
And did I mention the rain...that...never...stopped...