Sunday, September 13, 2009

Parkin' it on the Island

With the weather in the mid 80's, we took the family to the Island for some warm weather fun.
Much to our surprise, there was a new playground on the water front. WAHOO!
We usually visit the park on Jekyll, but I think we may have found a new spot. Ashlyn was diggin' the big kid equipment.
There was a little something for everyone, even for those who dance to the beat of a very different drum.
Lots of new places to "chill."
New heights to climb.
Much more for the older girls to do.
Do you think Abbi likes it?
Monkeys certainly approve.
The weather was bearable, the rain was only a sprinkle, and the Christan band playing in the back ground just made our day. What a fun afternoon!

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