Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yook! A way-yo!

Kaeleb certainly knew what this play sculpture was, as he told us over and over again...from a distance. Although he may have known this was a "Way-yo", I don't think knew this whale was not real. He refused to be anywhere near this gentle giant.
The older girls, on the other hand, thought this whale duo was "awesome"!

Parkin' it on the Island

With the weather in the mid 80's, we took the family to the Island for some warm weather fun.
Much to our surprise, there was a new playground on the water front. WAHOO!
We usually visit the park on Jekyll, but I think we may have found a new spot. Ashlyn was diggin' the big kid equipment.
There was a little something for everyone, even for those who dance to the beat of a very different drum.
Lots of new places to "chill."
New heights to climb.
Much more for the older girls to do.
Do you think Abbi likes it?
Monkeys certainly approve.
The weather was bearable, the rain was only a sprinkle, and the Christan band playing in the back ground just made our day. What a fun afternoon!


For Labor Day, we took the family down to the Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville, FL. What an awesome place to visit!
My whole crew takes center stage.
And one of the pack really likes being the star!
We explored the history exhibits. This was the deck of an old ferry boat. I think that Aoife and Kaedence mistook it for a jungle gym!
In the Spanish monk exhibit, Abbi asks me with a distorted look upon her face: "Mommy, why are they using dead people? That's so gross!" LOL!
We walked on the deck over the St. Johns river. They were able to see turtles, fish, and frogs.
Back inside, they looked at river inhabitants close up. Notice that Kaeleb is no where to be found. The sign on the door said " animals." He lasted 0.5 seconds, then he and daddy went back out again.
The aquarium exhibits were a big hit with everyone.
Wow, those fish were awesome!
The human body display was fantastic! Unfortunately, the loud beating heart and all the bodily noises was just too much for Kaeleb and Kaedence to stomach. We flew through that exhibit with flames on our heels. Ashlyn did manage to stop and smell the roses a bit.
In the kids zone, this huge tree made of a very fun game of hide and seek.
But perhaps the most fun to be had was at the water table. All my children, big and small, LOVED this! Ashlyn was busy directing the flow of water.
Kaelyn and Kaeleb loved the boats.
Seriously, this kid would have been content to stay here all day!
The trio just had a blast.
Even daddy got his feet wet with this water playground. Anyone surprised? LOL!
We now have an annual pass so that we can enjoy MOSH many times in the future. Next time though, the big kids can go exploring the exhibits without the little ones in tow. The kids zone is about all they can handle!