Saturday, February 28, 2009

My List of 25 Random Things

I am officially tagging everyone who reads my blog. (Lucky you, huh?)Heck, if I can get tagged over 26 times, I am certain many of you have already been tagged as well and just have been too busy...or too get it posted. Oh, and thanks to Shawn for the first of those 26 tags. Not that anyone is truly interested, but here is my requested list of 25 random things about me:

1. All of the clothes in each closet of my home is colored coded according to the rainbow, and then organized by sleeve length. Each hanger is placed a finger space apart. (Seriously, my house is a wreck, but the closets are immaculate!)

2. I have read every single word in both the book of Mormon and the King James version of the Holy Bible.

3. I have been engaged three times, married twice, and divorced once.

4. I have a tattoo of a navy seal, donning a sailor hat and a dagger in his mouth, on my smiling backside.

5. I go through at least four blue Monster energy drinks a day.

6. I haven't been wrong since 1996 and I never enter an argument that I cannot win.

7. I have an outrageously exaggerated fear of insects.

8. I am married to my best friend and he is an incredible father, a wonderful provider, and a supportive and loving husband. (Now only if I could get him to pick up his dirty clothes...)

9. I have a documented "genius level" IQ. (LOL! That's right folks. Wiley Coyote, super genius, at your service.)

10. I am 32 years old, have had six children, and I can still do a back bend and the splits!

11. I am mathematically challenged and technologically inept.

12. I have three dogs, three cats, two hamsters, and a frog. I have never turned away an animal in need and will bring in any stray animal that crosses my path.

13. I get headaches in haunted places.

14. I am attracted to forearms. Not eyes, not hair, not build, nor rippling abs. Forearms. Every man I have every found myself captivated by, has really manly (and yummy) forearms.

15. I am adopted and the Sally Jesse Rafael show reunited me with my birth mother.

16. I am a terrible cook and have been known to burn water. In fact, at a bridal shower, when asked to bring in a family recipe to share with the bride-to-be, I hand wrote driving directions from her house to the local Taco Bell.

17. I lack an internal censor.

18. My checkbook sports four rotating picture of Yogi Bear and his infamous picnic basket.

19. I don't know the Octomom or her Octopop. There is not a secret club of high order multiples (that I know of, anyhow). I would not have reduced if faced with the same dilemma, yet I would have never placed myself in that irresponsible position. And, I firmly believe that she had plastic surgery.

20. I am at 69% on My Sims Castaway for DS. I only get to play while my older three girls are in Gymnastics class and my younger three are snoozin' in the car with me!

21. Although I TiVo Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, American Idol, Hell's Kitchen, Lost, Heroes, Gary UnMarried, Desperate Housewives, and ER, my all time favorite TV show is Judge Judy.

22. I have a 35" inseam, which makes buying pants a very difficult, and expensive, task.

23. I am a thrill seeking couponer.

24. The top three on my "forgivable list" are: Denzel Washington, Eric Dane, and Matt Damon.

25. My suburban doubles as a bathtub when my husband leaves the back windows down during a torrential down pour. (So much for church this morning!)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bubble Gum and Holy Communion

This past Sunday, Kevin and I were sitting in church, chomping away on bubble gum and attempting to digest our pastor's message about "The Blessed Life." In his opening address, Pastor Tony informed the congregation that we would be participating in holy communion at the close of the service. I found this news very distressing.

You see, I am not a chick, by the traditional sense. I prefer tennis shoes to heels, sharp words to tears, creature comforts to jewelery, and pockets to purses. Not having a purse on this occasion proved to be detrimental in my gum disposal dilemma.

I saw only three choices:
1. Tear off the corner of the bulletin and place my chewed up wad inside, then stash it in my pocket;
2. Swallow the gum, only to have it rot in my intestines for the next 7 years;
3. Attempt to take communion by utilizing only one side of my mouth, while stashing my gum in the opposite cheek.

Those of you who know me personally, know that one of those three options was dismissed before being entertained. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of watching me chew up Tylenol, Advil, or antibiotics before swallowing them, I have an incredible fear of choking. Between many pregnancies, Lupus complications, and good ole fashion kidney stones, I have spent more than my share of time in the hospital. I can drive a nurse to tears with my insistence on needles over pills. If I can't swallow a pill in the hospital to save my life, I surely can't swallow my gum in church to save my soul.

Option number three originally appeared viable, until it occurred to me that my fear of choking may be a result of being orally challenged. What if I am unable to separate the gum and bread while walking back to my seat? Will I then have a disgusting mound of mush stuck in my mouth until I get home? Yuk! Will I perhaps choke on this mushy concoction? Then, the most horrific image pops into my head of my gum somehow falling into the cup of grape juice. Of course it's ridiculous, but anxiety producing none-the-less. Option three, dismissed.

Clearly, I only had one choice. After discretely discarding my gum into the church bulletin and slipping it into my pocket, I attempted to take in the message being delivered by the pastor. Tithing. 10% of your income goes to tithing. If you give the first 10%, the rest will be blessed and multiply. (See, I really was listening!) I then filled my mind with the thought of 10% less income in our house. As it is, my pockets are empty! There is not 10% to give. We are barely limping along financially. 10%? Good grief!

An hour later, we returned home with our crew to enjoy the rest of our busy Sunday afternoon. Three times I reminded my husband, who also was plagued with gum disposal during communion, to throw his gum in the trash so that it would not get washed with his pants by accident. By the third reminder, he had grown weary of my nagging.

He did throw his gum away.

Today, as I am pulling bits of chewing gum out of my already washed jeans, I am reminded of two things that I should have learned from this experience.

#1 Practice what you preach.

#2 My pockets aren't quite as empty as I thought.

The Pink Fuzzy Croc Defense

Last month, I had to appear in traffic court for driving without a license on my person and suspended registration. I did have a valid drivers license and registration, so I fought that ticket and it was dismissed. It was a very dramatic court room ordeal, and the judge actually told me that he would dismiss my case if only I would stop talking! LOL! During that court appearance, I spouted off about my spotless driving record for over a decade, as means to prove myself as a responsible person and safe driver. Upon returning home, I received a notice of penalty in the mail from a red light camera. Ugh, really? COME ON!!!
So, this morning I went to court again. I sat beside all the other red light runners to have my turn before the judge. I did not come to a complete stop when turning right on a red light. I must have watched that stupid video a hundred times, trying to find fault with the system. Unfortunately, it boiled down to 1.11 secs. Had I of stopped for an additional 1.11 secs, I would have been legally correct. How nit picky is that?

By my side were several other "good drivers" who were caught for similar infractions. Then, we were all surrounded by guys in blue jump suits who were straight off the bus from JAIL! Yikes! Jail sentences, hefty fines, and community service assignments were being handed out like dish night at the movies! All of the renegade red light runners were saved to the very end, so that the computer screen could be set up for viewing our indiscretions on tape. I watched victim after victim get slammed with the same fine as I was facing, for failing to stop at the same light I had "ignored." This judge was ruthless. No sympathy. Then it was my turn.


Last night, I poured over the vehicle codes for hours on end and found a small technicality about the postmark of the notification. According to the vehicle code, the agency must notify me of my infraction via first class mail that is postmarked no later than ten days after the date of the incident. Mine was postmark on day eleven!!!


Of course, when it was my turn, I talked and I talked and I talked. I gave every reason why he should let me out of this: 6 kids, triplets, husband is federal law enforcement, poor economy, crappy name it.

I think I even said: "But I'm cute, and I am wearing pink fuzzy crocs!"

Ahhh, the fuzzy croc defense. Does it get any better than that? Then, when it appeared that all hope was lost, I presented the vehicle code with my supporting documents. Would you believe even the court officer attempted to interject? He offered the court his own interpretation of the code, which was inaccurate, and ultimately rejected. Thank you very much.

Long face after long face walked out of that court room, yet I danced my way through those swinging doors with nothing more from the judge than:

"My sympathies to your husband."


I certainly learned my lesson about those tricky red light cameras. I will be much more mindful in the future. Now I'm thinking I should have been a lawyer. I might have I missed my calling. Is it too late to venture into that career? LOL!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

School without tears

We are still working on our morning routine, but with Kevin at home it runs much smoother. Typically, we wake up all four of the younger crew at the same time. I gather clothing and diapers and book bags and lunches, while he gets everyone fed. After full bellies and clothed bodies, Kevin and Abbi leave for school, as he drops her off on his way to work. She has to be at school at the same time the bus arrives at my house for the trio.
So, in my husband's absence, I have been waking only the trio and getting them ready, and off to the bus first, and then waking the three older monkeys and taking Abbi to school late. Even with this extra chaos, we have had several morning without ANY tears! Not even when the school bus arrives. How great is that???
Kaedence finishes with breakfast and begins to make her way to the front door.
Kaeleb pops a few more grapes in his mouth before he's ready to call breakfast to a close. (Yes, I know he is sitting on the kitchen table. We pick our battles around these parts, and this is one I will not win. Trust me.)

Aoife is waiting at the window, watching for the bus to arrive.
There's nothing wrong with a Clif's protein bar for breakfast as we are flying out there door, is there? GFCF, no artificial flavors or colors, no crazy additives, and TONS of protein. Oh, come on now, work with me!

Busy, busy, busy. Kevin has several upcoming exports for work where I will be flying solo for two weeks at a time again. We've only been doin' the preschool shuffle for about a month now, so I guess I need to just get use to handling it on my own. Why did I think it was hard when the triplets were infants? Whoever it was that said it gets easier when they are in preschool, LIED!

Yet, not a single tear was shed by any of my children. We are crusin' forward with success in our pockets!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

An update from the hospital

As of 3 am in Nevada, my mother-in-law was resting comfortably. The staff has been playing with various medications for pain management and it sounds as though we've found the right combination, with only minimal bouts of nausea. Her night was uneventful and we are looking forward to hearing from her attending physician this afternoon. We are waiting on an MRI to see the extent of her knee injury, so hopefully today will bring answers for that concern. She had five screws placed into her pelvic bone during yesterday's surgery and four bone fragments removed from her hip socket. Over the next few days, she will be monitored for post operative complications and infection.
This has been a terrible ordeal for my husband's family and my mother-in-law has a long road ahead of her, but yesterday was a good day. Hopefully, today will bring equally good news. Please keep her in your prayers.

My Chatterbox

What a difference just a couple of months can make! Listen to this little guy. My, how he has lots to say!

The Valentines Fairy

Each February in the McCarthy household, we are visited by the Valentine's fairy who decorates our kitchen for a heart-filled breakfast.
This year she brought stuffed bears, Pez candy, and giant marshmallow pops. Daddy made his traditional heart shaped pancakes, except this year they were GFCF.

Happy Valentines day everyone!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

That "Red Phone" to God

If you have it, we could sure use a call on our family's behalf.
On Valentines morning, while standing on the side of the road on state route 160 exchanging information with another driver about a minor traffic accident, my mother-in-law was struck by an out of control Nye County Sheriff's vehicle. She was thrown about 20 feet into a ditch, where she sustained extensive injuries. After being life flighted to the local trauma hospital in Vegas, she spent several days in the trauma ICU. Today, she underwent surgery to reconstruct her shattered pelvis and broken hip joint. With multiple rib fractures, injuries to her hip, leg, and knee, and various other physical concerns, we understand that her recovery will be long and slow.
For all that have been praying for our family, my husband and I are very appreciative and we ask that those prayers continue. We are also grateful for everyone who has offered help and support during this difficult time. If you are just learning of this tragedy, please say a prayer tonight for her comfort and health. I will update with good news as soon as I have some.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cupcake Fatigue

Four preschoolers in four separate preschool classes = four separate preschool valentine parties, 70 homemade cupcakes, 70 handwritten valentines day cards, and 8 special kid-crafted teacher valentines in two days time.

Did I mention it also equals one very pooped out mommy?

Yesterday, the triplets celebrated Valentine's Day at their school. We baked cupcakes for all three classes and assembled goodie bags with cards for each child. My older girls helped make embellished cards for the teachers and the trio "signed" their names. It was a harried morning of baking, making, and messy mayhem!

This morning, Abbi has her Valentines Day party. Last night, we assembled her valentines for her large class of children and then this morning, there were many more cupcakes to make!

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, which means the Valentine's Fairy comes tonight to decorate our kitchen with streamers, balloons, heart shaped breakfast plates, and gifts. It will be an early morning of heart shaped pancakes served by daddy, complete with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and marshmallow fluff.

(Creating fun holiday family traditions when I only had two children was much easier and cheaper than it is today, with six! But I can't stop now, right?)

Monkey see, Monkey do!

My little mouse doesn't have many words. Only two, really. She isn't the great climber that her brother is. She isn't the social butterfly like her sister. She is quiet, gentle, and very sweet.

And, she has a tummy tickling sense of humor!

This child can find herself just tickled about the silliest things. Sometimes it's a Little Miss Spider episode. Other times, it's the amusing antics of a family pet. And then sometimes, she breaks into giggles for reasons completely unknown!

Today, the older girls were merely mimicking her movements and she was rolling with laughter. I watched this laughter filled game of "monkey see, monkey do" for about 15 minutes before I thought to grab my camera.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Croquet in the Cold

Ashlyn, Kaelyn, and I took advantage of the morning without the youngest monkeys and decided to learn the game of Croquet. My father used to have a set when I was a kid, but my memory of the rules are a bit fuzzy and my "teacher" was quite suspect. For example, my brother taught me that you get another turn if you can whack your opponent with your ball. It turns out that you can take another turn, if you hit your opponent's ball with your ball. Can you see why I might need a refresher course? Turns out that Croquet is not a dangerous sport after all!
After searching the rules online and assembling our new set, we ventured outside to set up the course. Our one error was neglecting to check out the weather! It was ten in the morning and the temperature was only 28 degrees. In case your not familiar, that's mind numbingly cold!
To compensate for the uncomfortable chill, we took turns running outside to whack our ball and then ran back inside to defrost. We watched each other play through the window in the warmth of the house, while one player battled the elements alone. Although we were totally bundled up, it was still painfully cold.
Today, it is 77 degrees outside and beautiful. The girls have asked to pull out the set again, only this time we can play without the shivers!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Come to the Lord, just as you are.

This Sunday, our Pastor gave us the DVD of our daughters' baptisms. I am very proud of the commitments our children have made and feel a great sense of comfort knowing that my faith has been handed down to my precious little girls.

Before you get all misty-eyed, allow me to point out the mispronunciation of Kaelyn's name. Much to our surprise, as none of us caught it during the actual ceremony, Kaelyn was called "Katelyn" by our loved Pastor. I guess it's merely par for the course when you are given a name that is just a little to the left of normal. LOL!

We all had a good laugh at it. I shared with Kaelyn that at my high school graduation, I was called to receive my diploma by the name of "Lee" not Lea. Yikes! Well, it happens. Can you imagine if I have a lifetime of "Lee" and Kaelyn will have a lifetime of "Katelyn", what poor Aoife has in store for her? LOL!

With Abbi crying in the beginning, Kaelyn's name snafu, and Ashlyn's stumble at the end, it is comforting to know that we are all loved and accepted by the Lord, imperfections and all!