Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Storm Hanna

My brother lives in New Orleans. He and his family survived Hurricane Katrina, with considerable damage to their home. It looks like another Hurricane is going to punish their area again, very soon. Fortunately, they are safely in Orlando, FL, enjoying Disney World. Perhaps their home will fair better this time 'round.
Gustav isn't the only storm to watch over the next bit of time. Tropical storm Hanna is expected to make landfall on Friday afternoon, in Georgia.
We dodged a bullet with Fay, and only had very, very minor damage. Hanna is currently projecting to land on my doorstep. When is the hurricane season over with? LOL! I've already grown tired of it all.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cookies and Punk Get Relocated

In order to allow for easy changes, we bought a new home for Cookies and Punk. Now, Ashlyn says she will be able to change the cage all by herself. Anyone care to put money on that? LOL!
Punk does seem happy in the Critter Castle.
Cookies has already made a mess of the feeding area.
They do look happier.
Maybe I'll get lucky and Ashlyn will hold up her end of the hamster deal. I hate cleaning the hamster cages. I'm already the mayor of poop city, did I really need another being to care for and pick up after?

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Killer Tomato Plays Soccer

After years of watching her older sisters play, finally Abbi gets her shot at the sport. She is playing on the U6 Sea Monsters team. Check out this soccer star: She has the flawless ready position for Red Light, Green Light. What a prefect ball trapping stance! On the line, she waits with anticipation for Coach Daddy to say "Green Light!"

"GREEN LIGHT!!!" Go, Abbi, go!

The Killer Tomato scores a goal! Way to soccer star, Abbi!

This is Abbi playing Soccer Bees.

Check out this proud little soccer player:

She had a great first practice. The real fun begins on the 6th of September, when the actual games start. She has waited for a very long time to get on that field. I am anxious to see my monkey in action.

Let Them Eat Cake!

In my freezer for the past year, the top of my brother's wedding cake has remained. It survived a complete thawing, after the a lightning surge blew out a fuse. It survived several black outs. And here it is, one year later. Yum. On my brother's wedding anniversary, we broke out that hardy cake. Christopher and his bride celebrated this special day by cutting up the frozen treat and partaking in an age old tradition.

Adoring matching Disneyland watches they received on their wedding day, Chris and Stacey joined together to cut the cake once again.
With a kiss to seal the deal, they cut each other a slice.

Uh, they even crossed arms and shared their first bite. So, when did my rough and tumble brother become so sappy?? Look what love has done to him! Oh, barf! LOL!
It turns out that even after a year, the cake was still good. Or at least that's what my children thought.
Year old cake? Come on! Yuk!

A Visit From Uncle Chris

The last time we saw Uncle Chris was one year ago at his wedding. On his way from New York to Florida to celebrate his wedding anniversary back in Orlando, his family stopped off to pay us a visit.
Kaeleb thought that Uncle Chris was the best guy ever! He would have been perfectly content to have spent the entire visit in his arms.
Aoife enjoyed the attention from Aunt Stacey.
Ashlyn spent a lazy morning in bed, just chatting with Aunt Stacey about big girl things. She was so excited to have her in the house. My nephew and the other girls spent their entire time on the video game systems.
When Uncle Chris has to had to put Kaeleb down, Aunt Stacey stepped in to save him for all the tears.The kids got a big kick out of seeing their family. It was a terrific visit and we can't wait until the next time they're in town.

Who bought the Crisco?

I have never used Crisco in my ENTIRE life. Nor have I even purchased a can of it. Yet, some how it made it's way to my pantry. Somehow, it was put away on the cereal shelf. And somehow, it fell on my foot!!!
Who bought the freakin' Crisco? Who put that ridiculously heavy can on the fourth shelf up in my pantry? This smells of a set up. Somebody knows something. It's only a matter of time before I figure it out.
(Damn, did I mention that my flippin' foot is killing me?)

How Many Kids Can Say This?

My brother, Chris, came to town with his wife and his son for a visit. Kevin took them on to the base to show them the explosives demo. Much to our delight, the kids actually got to set off the explosives!
Kaelyn pressed the detonator and blew up a huge set of tires, which caused a large fire bomb to fly around. How cool is that?My nephew, Christopher, was a little nervous, but what a bang he caused!
Ashlyn was acting like this was an everyday occurrence, lol!
The Killer Tomato got into the act as well.
And then they went to the weapons lock up. Check out my brother. Now, he thinks he's a bad ass. LOL!
Kaelyn can hardly hold her weapon up!
Ashlyn: the show off. Ummm...I see London, I feel France? Anyone else see what Ashlyn is showing off? LOL! Someone get that kid a belt! It's hard to look tough when your panties are on display!Geez, that's one hell of a front line! What is this world coming to? LMAO!

It was a really fun afternoon for them all. What a blast! (literally, lol)

Our First Summer Shower

While they have run through the rain to get from the car to the house, the triplets have never actually experienced a rain storm while standing outside. They didn't seem to mind getting wet, but they certainly were in awe of all the huge drops.
This was not a sprinkle, but rather a down pour. Kaedence is soaked.
Kaeleb would rub his hands together, as if trying to catch the falling rain in his fingers.
Aoife kept licking her hands. Ewww...Once the rain had stopped, they didn't seem to care that their clothes were dripping and their hair as stuck to their heads. Even the mud didn't bother them.
LOL! Looks like these monkeys are ready for soccer now!

The New Soccer Season

Ashlyn and Kaelyn are playing soccer for Jekyll Island this year. Although we are new to the league, we are coaching three teams. Ashlyn is in U13 division and is playing on the Avalanche team. Kaelyn is in U10 and is playing on the Ravens.
Our first practice was on Tuesday night. The sky was clear and it was hotter than all heck. And then, the sky opened up and unleashed a rain storm with drops the size of marshmallows!
But our teams soildered on.
The water actually felt good to our tired players. When the storm cloud passed, it was back to business.It was good to see the girls out on the field again. They really enjoyed themselves and made some new friends.
We've got two fantastic teams and are so excited about this season.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

On the Mend

It seems the light at the end of the tunnel, called Sickness Hell, may have appeared. The sparkle in my little girl's eyes has began to reemerge.
The coughs, the sniffles, and the sneezes are still hanging around. But, smiles and giggles have found their way back into our home.
Aoife discovered the dress up box and has been happily sporting this new look all morning long.
They are still tired and easily irritated, but I think we have survived the latest storm.
I am looking forward to the healing of my entire house. I miss the laughter and squeals of delight desperately.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

It's official. We are getting old.

Kevin has turned 33. That's 33 years on this earth. Or 1722 weeks. Or 289,296 hours. Or 17,357,760 minutes. HOLY CRACKERS! He's old.

He is now closer to mid-thirties, than early-thirties.

Homemade gifts were the theme of Daddy's birthday this year.

The older girls made Daddy frames with mosaic tiles and paint. They really worked hard and their efforts were appreciated.

Happy Birthday, my terribly old and withering husband. May your next 30 years be as hectic and harried as the last. LOL!